Square footage : 706 to 1108 square feet
Square meters : 65.59 to 102.94
Floors : 2 per building
Bedrooms : 1 to 2, depending on the building
Bathrooms : 1 per accomodation
Garage : Not available
Please note : Each model is subject to the specifications and dimensions of the land in accordance with the regulations of the municipality


Our new condos in the project: Au Coeur du Centre, offer a unique concept with a very modern look in an area of choice.

Condos on two floors that completely separate the common living space and the bedrooms. The condos available in this project offer you,  one to two bedrooms, in addition to an office space and an open air.

Parking spaces are planned for future owners, which is a rarity in this type of project with such a location.

Call us now only 8 units available !



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