Income properties



Square footage : L'Éco 3 : 3 apartments of 1036 sq. Ft. | L'Éco 4 : 2 units of 518 sq. Ft. + 2 units of 1036 sq. Ft square feet
Floors : 1 per unit
Bedrooms L'Éco 3 : 2 and 3 bedrooms
Bedrooms L'Éco 4 : 1 and 2 bedrooms
Bathrooms : 1 bathroom per accomodation
Please note : Each model is subject to the specifications and dimensions of the land in accordance with the regulations of the municipality


Are you an investor or thinking of becoming one? Are you looking for multi-accommodation? Stop your research!

Discover now our L’Éco 3 and L’Éco 4 models with a contemporary exterior look combining wood and fiber cement, this one will charm you and your future tenants! In addition to a private balcony, they will enjoy the open concept, a spacious and modern kitchen, large wardrobes and a storage room. These income properties offer you the possibility of choosing between 2 apartments of 2 bedrooms with office space on the ground floor and upstairs in addition to a 3 bedroom unit in the basement for the Eco 3 model or 4 units including 2 units of 3 bedrooms on the ground floor and upstairs as well as 2 units of 1 bedroom in the basement for the Eco 4 model.

Building plan

Upper floor
Basement (3 accomodations version)
Basement (4 accomodations version)

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