How to choose the right home for me ?

The first thing to do is setting your criteria so that your home consultant can help you find several properties meeting your requirements and fiscal capacity. This way, finding the right home for you will be more achievable.


The following questions will help you to see if a property is right for you or not:


Are the house dimensions meeting my needs?

Is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms enough?

Is the basement finished?

Is the house in my price range?

In what conditions the house is; when was the heating system and electrical wiring installation and in what conditions are the roof and foundation?

What the neighbourhood look like; in what conditions the other properties around are and do I like the neighbourhood?

Is it easy to have access to public transit and main arterial roads?

Do public institutions like schools, hospitals, shopping centres and recreation centres have a good reputation?

Is it an old or new neighbourhood?

How the municipal taxation is compared to other sectors? Is there any development plan that will affect the sector?

Is the property value likely to increase?



Please contact us if you have any questions!

Book an appointment from the blog section

Book an appointment from the blog section

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