How to get your home ready for this winter, this fall?

Fall is a few steps away. That means winter is coming soon, so here are some advices and tips in order to get your home ready this fall for this winter.

Close water outlets

At the end of September, watering flowers is no longer necessary since they are almost completely faded. So it is important to store garden hose:  to make sure it is empty and to store it in a shed or a garage, so that it doesn’t freeze. Once the garden hose is removed, you have to make sure that water outlets are turned off tightly. An unclosed water outlet can cause a pipe break and lead to expensive costs.

Outdoor furniture and accessory

First of all, clean every outdoor furniture and accessory that you have to preserve them. Secondly, try to store everything in your shed or garage. Finally, anything that doesn’t fit in your storage space, envelop it with a cover in a way that no parts is uncovered.

Outdoor Inspections

First of all, look air outlets. Make sure to clean them properly and that the grill still in good condition, in this way there won’t be any intruders during the winter. Secondly, it is important to clean gutters properly and to make sure they are correctly fixed. Then, make a roof visual inspection to ensure that there is no hole, crack or anything in the roof that needs to be repaired before winter. Finally, clean the yard correctly, trim trees and plants and remove leaves to avoid carpenter ants, because they like moisture.

Air Infiltrations

Check every window in the house to make sure there is no air infiltration, and if so put some silicone. We recommend you to check your doors weatherstrip and if necessary replace it. Did you know that you can save up to 50%  of your loss of energy?

Electric Baseboards

Do you remember the smell when you open your baseboards for the first time at fall? It’s the smell of dust burning. Before using your baseboards for the first time, it is recommended to clean and vacuum them.

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