Where should I build my new house? How to choose?

In Outaouais, the differences between the city and the suburb are increasingly weakening. When the outskirts of the city keep modernizing, the major centres are turning green. So, how to choose between the city and the suburb?

If your choice is in accordance with the price, the proximity, the surrounding areas or the lifestyle, it is important to establish your priorities and your needs. The Constructions MCL team is at your disposal to help you taking the right decisions for you and your family.

The Price

To have more space, at a reasonable price, sometime buyers choose the suburb when others will prefer it for its peaceful environment and its natural identity. It is also possible that the cost of living is more affordable.

With a difference, it is not surprising to see couples buying their next home in a new development in Thurso. They find a house in range of prices with a bigger square footage and wonderful decoration in addition.

See the table of comparison below.

The proximity

To be in proximity of the services and activities, buyers often prefer the city. They can find everything that they need and they have access to different and efficient modes of transportation. For some people, it will be pleasing to take the subway or the bicycle to get to work.

However, if the transportation is not a factor of discouragement, the urban villages can be very adequate to workers in the city who would like to come back in the suburb after an intensive day of work

The environs

Sometimes, it is a good idea to live in proximity to its family and its entourage, especially when there are children in the family. So, we cannot neglect this aspect when you’re choosing your home.

Either in city or suburb, the youngest will often need to be accompanied by the grandparents and the plants will always need to be watering by a close friend during a trip. This could present a challenge if daddy is in Gatineau and its son in Val-des-Monts.

The lifestyle

Finally, it is very important to consider your lifestyle when you’re choosing a community and a type of residence. You need to know your needs and your preferences in order to feel comfortable where you live.

The person who is energizing the movement of the city that never sleep, could quickly be bored in a peaceful neighbourhood at Cantley. On the other side, those who need contact with wildlife to feel good won’t be at their best by living in a duplex in Hull.

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