About us


Our profile

Constructions MCL is a company that is established and expanding in the Gatineau region. Its success is based on the choice, the quality and the prices of the models that it proposes you. Constructions MCL uses top-quality materials for each new buildings. Our goal: giving you a unique experience!

Our mission

Our goal is to target the existing needs of our customers. A newly built house is more than just a residence, it is first and foremost a home where life is enjoyable. That is why the company put much emphasis on the experience that the customer will have during the design process of his future house as it does on the specification development until the delivery.  The knowledge of how to do thing and how to be is an important quality to offer an exceptional experience to each customer. The quality, the honesty and the wish of satisfying the customer are the goals that motivate the team to set itself apart at each meeting with the buyer.

Our Team

The strength of a company is based on the qualities of its team members. Each Constructions MCL stakeholder has develop over the years a unique expertise which will make you save time and money. The respect is a value defended by the team members and everyone works together to deliver an exceptional product to each customer in order to make every customer happy.

Let the team of Constructions MCL accompany you in the creation of a house that suits your preferences and your needs.



Our President

The President of Constructions MCL, Mr. Marc Labrie, accumulate more than 16 years of experience in the field of new construction in Gatineau region. After he acquired a strong knowledge of the materials and the building techniques and after he continued his career path by holding a position as a building inspector, he decided to embark in the adventure of the entrepreneurship by founding his own company.

Throughout his professional life, Mr. Labrie has experienced the majority of building trade related to the construction and the delivery of newly built houses. Because of his experiences, he knows each component for the building project of a new house. Mr. Labrie never miss an opportunity to shake the hands of customers who take possession of their new home!