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Help build the future, because together it’s stronger! Our company is expanding and we are looking for new talent to complement our team. Be prepared to make a difference for your customers.

As a new housing consultant, you will accompany clients in their new housing project. From the preliminary study of their needs to the smile they will have at the sight of their new home, you will be their partner.

The handyman is a key member of our team, since it contributes to the appearance of the company.


Your responsibilities
To succeed in this role
Your responsibilities

  • Perform the installation of several signs
  • Carrying various materials on our sites under construction
  • Landscaping our offices and model homes, planting flowers, planting trees, mowing lawns and more
  • Perform snow removal of our offices, model homes and our sites under construction
  • Perform inventories
  • Other related tasks

To succeed in this role

  • Be available
  • Be independent
  • Be able to prioritize
  • Be efficient


  • Valid driver’s license
  • Health card and security


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