6 of the best trends in residential construction !

Multi-Generation Housing

There is a trend in home construction that has been growing these past few years that reflect a social reality that has been growing at the same time. Unlike previous generations, many young adults make the choice of living with their parents for a longer period of time. And at the same time, healthier lifestyle choices tend to prolong the average life expectancy.

You can therefore notice an increase in in-law suites, as many generations can now live under a single roof, which brings the construction of more beautiful and more efficient houses.

This multi-generational suite is usually located on the first floor of the house, as the people of the older generation can walk over to the kitchen or the laundry room without having to climb stairs. As for the young adults, they can continue enjoying the convenience and the warmth of their house, while keeping their privacy.

The Mudroom

The need to keep your house clean pushes another trend in home construction that should expand over time: The installation of a mudroom.

This room is more aesthetically pleasing than a simple closet and usually located close to the garage. The mudroom can also keep your house organized and efficient, thanks to its hooks and cubbies, to store coats, boots, hats and gloves.

The convenience and efficiency of the mudroom in keeping your house clean while making entering and leaving the house easy is such that it became a standard in newly built houses.

The Enhanced Shower

Relaxing in a spacious bath in your own bathroom sure feels good, doesn’t it? But seriously when do you have time to do that?

These days, the good old bathtub is being pushed aside in some houses to make room for a better organized shower with many amenities. An enhanced space, which is more interesting for some buyers, can include seats, more shelving space, a showerhead with a programmable thermostat and steam features.

The Flex Room

Actually, you can call it however you want because it can be whatever you want. It can be used as a secondary office, a small library or a parlor.

The flex room is coming into new houses and it can be used by children to do their homework or to play together, as additional office space, to elegantly show works of art or as a reflection or meditation room.

The Second Kitchen

When it comes time to cook more cultural, more aromatic meals, some houses might have what you could call a second kitchen, or a “spice kitchen”, which is smaller and separated from the main kitchen.

While it is mainly used by families who consume these meals, the second kitchen often have its own ventilation system. It is very useful to keep these strong fragrances from leaking into the other rooms and to have additional food preparation and storage space. Your main kitchen is then left the beautiful and clean showpiece room in your house.

Butler’s Pantry

During the Victorian and Edwardian Eras, the Butler’s Pantry was part of the great estates common rooms. It included a set of base cabinets for dishware and another for fine glassware for the owner to show his guests.

It is now coming back and is usually an elegant link between the kitchen and the dining room. It is the ideal place to leave many serving dishes.