Virtuel 2.0




Square footage : 1378 square feet
Square meters : 128
Floors : 2 per accomodation
Bedrooms : 3 per accomodation
Bathrooms : 1.5 per accomodation
Garage : Available
Please note : Each model is subject to the specifications and dimensions of the land in accordance with the regulations of the municipality


Superb semi-detached which is also available as a duplex, stands out for its charm and the size of its rooms. This magnificent home was designed especially for you and your family! You will be won over at first glance by observing all these amenities available to you. We also offer you the possibility of adding a garage which is available in certain areas.

Located in the Gatineau sector and its surroundings, the duplex or semi-detached for sale offers a turnkey solution. Visit your future home with 3 bedrooms, close to all services.

At MCL Construction, the comfort of our homes and our semi-detached home models for sale is a crucial element. We strongly believe that the needs of our clients must be heard in order to create homes that are a pleasure to live in.

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