5 ways to keep an eye on your house construction

The contract was initiated and, in a few months, you will enter in your new house, which is not totally built yet.  Meanwhile, you would like to keep track on the operations. There are 5 ways to follow the project with us.

Have your plan on hand

After establishing, with you contractor,  the best moments to visit your future property, have your building plan on hand  and make sure that everything signed on the contract and which you discussed are all there. In brief, that everything is in accordance with the building plan as approved.

Visit before the walls are closed

Once the building frame and the installation of the plumbing, the electricity and heating system are done, you must visit the construction site. So, every important work has been executed and you still can see it, so it is easier to proceed to the necessary adjustments.

Feel free to ask questions

“ I often contacted  the contractor, I called him every week to ask questions or just to catch up and to know if everything was moving forward .” Affirmed Eric Boucher. So, we cannot be shy! We suggest you to ask many questions and ideally, to surround yourself with people who has a good knowledge in the building field .

Keep in mind the model homes

You probably visited one of our model homes or condo before throwing yourself into the adventure. So examine if the execution quality is the same as the one you saw in the model houses  that you visited before and the same price range.

Inspect again before the delivery

L’Association des consommateurs pour la qualité dans la construction (ACQC), strongly recommend the inspection before the post delivery. It is usually made during the office opening hours and when the construction site is not in unsafe conditions. It can be made by a building inspector, an architect,  an engineer or a professional technologist. However, it is recommended to do business with a member of a professional corporation  because it gives a better protection. The range is between $1,000 and $2,000.

Book an appointment from the blog section

Book an appointment from the blog section

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