Our landscaping tips

You want to improve your backyard? Here are a few things you don’t want to forget!

Sunlight is a great tool

The sunlight will never be the same everywhere in your backyard and some plants will enjoy sunlight more than others. So, it is important to plant them in the most sunlit places so that they can enjoy it more. Don’t forget to install some light shelters in a few zones, because a little bit of shade might be just as important.

Take care of your lawn

What is the secret behind good lawn-mowing? It needs to be cut long enough so that it can grow back well, ideally a third of the blade’s length, but it’s just as important to not “shave” it too much. Lawn cut at the right length will grow back thicker and healthier, which will ward off insects, unwanted herbs and diseases. Avoid mowing the lawn in always the same direction, as it will create “paths” on your backyard, and moving the lawn is wet.


How your backyard looks will radically change depending on how you use accessories such as lamps, statues, vases and decorative tiles. No matter how tempting it might be to add some more, try to not oversaturate some zones and make sure water can flow. Note that you can use seashells, gravel and stones for easy maintenance.

Contrasts and complimenting themes

Customize your garden by choosing a variety of colors and textures. You can create an interesting esthetic effect with a consistent outdoor flow with various plants, objects and layouts.

Animal and family needs

If you want to attract families and pet-owners, remember that they might need secure playing spaces and they may need more privacy. You may want to consider adding hedges or fenced areas for animals to cover that need.


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