Coteau St-Georges

House and Cottage for Sale in Outaouais

Projet domiciliaire Coteau St-Georges


This project located in Masson-Angers, accessible through the highway 50 exit Georges, is only 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa. It is also located in close proximity of services, an elementary school, a grocery store, a pharmacy, several stores, as well as an auction.
The Coteau St-Georges project offers the construction of single dwellings, the Contemporain 1030, the Insolite, and many others. In addition, some lots offer the possibility of a new building with a “walk-out”.





This wonderful single dwelling flat house model is perfect for everyone! This unique model offered by Construction MCL stands out from every other models that are available on the market. Its large rooms and its wide-open space will make you fully benefit from your new home. The attached garage will facilitate your lifestyle. This model is also available in duplex. What more could you ask for than reduce your monthly payments?


This magnificent single dwelling with multiple levels gives credit to its name! Its modern design will charm you and its wonderful cathedral ceiling in the living room will take your breath away. This house can be adapted to your needs, because it is possible to add a third room, a carport or a garage! With Les Constructions MCL, we don’t stop innovating. Will you have the audacity to move in l’Audacieux?


We like being different to offer you this kind of luxury single dwelling. At first glance, you will be charmed with its double doors at the entrance. To meet your needs on a daily basis, we offer you magnificent large rooms. Also, it is available in duplex, which is perfect to reduce your monthly payments.


The Essentiel gives credit to its name, because it’s all there to make you move in. Excellent choice for a first house, the Essentiel will meet your needs of urban style. You will like the lined and modernised front of the house. By having practically everything on the same floor, this wonderful single-family flat house will make your lifestyle: useful and enjoyable.

Contemporain 1030

You will be attracted by this wonderful flat single-family house. It will meet your needs with its unique design. We are confident that its large rooms will allow you to fully benefit of your house and you will have exceptional brightness which will meet all your needs. You can choose if you want to add a garage or a carport.


This new single-family model has been updated. At Les Constructions MCL, we like progressing to meet our client’s needs. With its double doors and large garage, this house has everything to please you. Its arrangement with its wide rooms will get your attention. Its trendy look will charm you.

Contemporain 1270

This splendid flat single-family model proposes a modern open space concept. It will give you brightness with its large windows. We can promise you that this wonderful house, including huge rooms, will meet everyone needs. Its elegance will charm you with its modern contemporary style.

Insolite 2.0

We are proud to introduce you this wonderful model inspired by our creation Le Virtuel. Its modern style will charm you, it will give you all the space you need at a reasonable price. We also give you the possibility to add a magnificent loft above the garage, which offer you more space.

Insolite 3.0

We were inspired by the model 2.0, to demonstrate our dedication to innovate up to date. Construction MCL is there to answer its customer’s needs. You’ll have the opportunity to choose between a magnificent loft, located right above your garage, or a splendid modernized deck. This style will please you.