Everything you need to know about moving

If you want the optimal moving experience, it goes without saying that good planning is vital. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Book your mover in advance…

The first step is to book your moving company in advance. For that, you will need a criteria list as it can change the price a lot, especially for July 1st! Make a list with and ask yourself questions like “Are the boxes finished?”, “Are you moving outside the city?”, “Are there stairs?”, “How many rooms?”, etc. Then send a few bids with that information and choose the best.

Should you rent a truck and ask for help?

If you think you can move without professional help, you will still need a truck and, hopefully, people. Ask early for both, but especially your friends and family to make sure you have help when the day comes. Your children might sincerely want to help you, but it might be a good idea to have them and your pets looked after. Don’t forget there’s no better way to thank everyone than with good food and a drink afterwards!

Make a list

It is very important to make a checklist of everything that needs to be done and to check whatever has been done as time passes. You can find good complete and useful ready-made lists and calendars on most moving companies websites.

Change your address

Don’t forget to tell the owner before the date mentioned on your lease. Also, don’t forget to go to the post office at least a month before the big moving day to fill out an address change form, contact all your providers with the date and the new address and the service update. Here is a quick list to make sure you don’t forget anyone: Your electric, phone, internet, TV and insurance companies, financial and school institutions, employers, doctors, various subscriptions, etc. Do all that and go on the government website and send the information to 6 Québec departments and organisms all at once.

What to pack with

Avoid garbage bags, as it might snap or tear easily. Instead, it is recommended you buy reusable moving boxes. Start by packing what will not be of any use before moving day. One thing that is often overlooked: Identifying is key to an easy moving. Write the content of the box on it and where it should go, and don’t forget to put a number on it to make sure you will not forget any. As you wrote the room on the boxes, you might as well write its name on your new home’s doors so that your movers know what they are. You don’t want your bedroom and your office to switch places, don’t you?

Don’t forget the car

On moving day, you can use your car for a few boxes having your very important papers and your valuables. And just like any car trip, have some luggage with clothes and whatever you will need on moving day, and now you’re ready!

Book an appointment from the blog section

Book an appointment from the blog section

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