Have you always wanted to buy an income property?

Did you know that:

Investing in an income property is a great start to build a portfolio of investments. Real estate has always been expanding, if your building is well maintained, you should make long term benefits;

Income of lessees’ annual fees will help to pay your mortgage and several maintenance costs. Did you know that the majority of the expenses can be deducted from the income tax return, which makes investments more valuable;

If you are young or self-employed, buying an income property could help making it more affordable, because the income earned by rental is generously added in your financial picture;

Income property can help building up pension funds, because when the mortgage will be fully paid, your building will be an interesting asset that will continue generating revenue and will have acquired a resale value.

What you need to know:

  • You must be ready for emergencies that can occur at all times;
  • You have to be quite handy to make repairs and maintenance in order to save money;
  • You have to like management and have a good interpersonal quality;
  • You must have contingency funds for unexpected expenses and emergencies.
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Book an appointment from the blog section

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